Hybris Digital Commerce Software Unifies All Your Business Channels for Maximum Efficiency.

Architecture and Technology
It’s built to grow alongside with your business. Easy hybris integration to combine commerce platforms and data management.

Implement real-time contextual marketing strategies and plans that foster online brand relationships and engage your customers.

Combine all of your different business channels into a single uniformed process to transform how your customers engage with your brand.

Jump start your e-commerce project in a matter of months with Hybris Commerce Accelerator. Features pre-configured omnichannel solution for B2B and B2C marketing businesses.

Cloud-Based Customer Service

Now you can offer multiple channels of service that provide your customers a consistent experience through their e-mail, the web, chat, mobile and social media integration channels.

E-commerce Billing Solutions

Take advantage of the fast-moving market opportunities and develop personalized customer-centric subscription plans. Use our billing and revenue management solutions to solve your order-to-cash challenges and streamline the billing process for your customers and company.

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Transparent Customer Billing Solutions

Hybris Billing Solutions provides transparent relevant customer information like payment summaries and billing details to reduce the number of billing-related customers inquiries and provide prompt payment. Your clients can enjoy a smooth payment process that is straightforward and hassle-free.

Empower Your Business and Reduce Costs

Now businesses have a complete view of their customer’s record from all its channels. Vamp up your cash and collections process while improving your customer’s experience. Hybris automation and usage management tools reduce bill-collecting inefficiencies by optimizing invoicing and payment reconciliation.

Hit the Floor Running (or Move Fast and Scale Up)

Enjoy Hybris clean design that allows business users to design quickly and test its billing options with easy to learn configuration, not complex code. Business can begin with small end-to-end modular testing that can easy scale up to handle multi-billion dollars companies in real-time.

Billing and Revenue Management

Simplify your billing and revenue management processes with solutions that fit your companies needs. Lower your billing costs and maximize savings when you mail bills with clear and straightforward statement presentation. Improve customer service by reducing the number of billing-related customers inquiries with a single bill across your multiple business lines.

Foster brand loyalty and improve customer satisfaction with helpful service agents that provide customized expert service.

Offer flexible terms and local payment preferences to increase your e-commerce conversation rate. Develop a detailed cash collection profile that enables you to evaluate customer payment behavior accurately and assess credit risks.

Don’t Sell Harder. Sell Smarter. Sell Better. SAP Hybris Cloud for Sales is the Solution for the Modern Digital Driven Consumer.

Improve Productivity

Improve your sales team productivity by centralizing customer data integration in a single location to reduce double data entry. Your sales teams can quickly access notes and improve your customer’s experience.

Agile Mobility

Supercharge how your business collects and handles rapidly changing mobile data. Develop and implement a fully mobile operation that tracks real-time data so your business never misses a beat.

Make Data Work For You

Cloud for Sales keeps the focus on relevant insights needed to thrive in today’s business climate. Centralized your back office CRM data with product inventory, price list, and ever-evolving customer data to build a robust and complete view of your customer.

Sales Automation

Hybris Cloud for Sales is an extensive set of automation capacities that allows you to create the best sales teams with exceptional tools for smarter selling practices.
Real-time information allows for quick adaptability that pushes your business further and get more work done.

Sales Performance Management

Provide your sales managers the tools needed to take control of the multi-channel world. Managers can improve forecast, meet sales target, and track progress. With Cloud for Sales, your managers can build and lead a team that delivers exceptional performance. Construct and retain a powerful sales force that motivates and collaborates to achieve results.

SAP Hybris is the Solution for Business Digital Transformation. Connect to Your Digital Consumer Faster and Smarter.

Keep your consumers at the very core of your business. Create and implement solutions that provide a consistent process that connects all your business channels.

SAP Hybris integration ranks among the top commerce platforms globally. Its applications include Omnichannel Solutions, Product Content Management, Marketing Conversion and many other tools that integrate your digital and physical platforms. With Hybris, create personalized customer experiences throughout all channels to boost customer loyalty and increase your revenue.

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