Whether you are a small startup in a downtown office or a large enterprise partnering with international markets, websites are the great equalizer. Perhaps your website is up and running, and has all of the functions you need, but is not converting the way that you want. Or, you may have had a team build a simple site when you first began your business, but now that it is growing, you would like something a little more professional and creative to draw in a crowd.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, you may not have the time or the ability to ensure that the design at all levels of your company – website design, graphic design, business cards and more – are all cohesive and work well together. But the truth is that this is an essential part of any thriving company, especially in this digital age. Good design matters, and Skywide’s team of experienced professionals are able to build you completely new designs from the ground up or refresh your brand to make it seem like new.

Innovative web design

Your e-commerce website deserves great digital design. Your website is the first place that people will go to in order to learn more about who you are, what you are doing, and what products and services you are offering. If your website seems cluttered, confusing, and not user-friendly, people will find what they need somewhere else – likely with a competitor.

Not only that, when you create your website, you want it to be fast and reliable. Hiring a team of web designers that understand and meet your goals is essential to launching your successful e-commerce business. The right website can ensure that more customers find and use your website effectively, earning you a profit even when you are not working.

Innovative digital design means that a site does not just “look good”. It means that it is customer-friendly from all angles. A good design will also draw in new users and convert them into customers. When your website allows you to do this, you can focus on running your business to the best of your ability.

There are a variety of ways that a team of qualified web designers can design your website. They need to take into account customized options and the specific factors that are unique to your business. This is why choosing Skywide can be so beneficial to your company – our teams can handle all of this and more!

Skywide Design Services

Skywide’s design department is a collection of talented individuals, each with the expertise you need to make your e-commerce design of your website better than your competitors. Skywide designers understand the connections that need to be made between you and your website and your website and your clients. Each site represents a variety of relationships that need to work together in order to function as a success.

Skywide offers a variety of web design services that are available to our clients. Each service is conducted by professionals who are ready and waiting to take on your e-commerce design project. The services Skywide offers include:

Web Design

Whether you are starting your site from scratch or you have a platform with WordPress, Squarespace, Weebly, Magento, Joomla, Instapages, or Drupal, Skywide is experienced in all of these programs and more. We are able to work with you no matter where your site is hosted.

Skywide realizes that good web design can actually double the conversions you see on your site. Let’s say, for example, you pay for a marketing campaign that is meant to increase the amount of sign-ups you receive for your monthly newsletter. You may be sending thousands of users to your website, but only very few are signing up. A simple change in your design, such as making the form larger and more inviting, can increase your signups significantly.

Skywide understands user experience and web design are intricately involved. Our team is able to create a space online where customers can actually engage with your business.

Print Design

Do not throw away those business cards just yet! Just because the world is moving towards technology faster than ever does not mean you have to get rid of all your print advertising. Social media is certainly an important aspect of your e-commerce business, but keeping print advertising options open can really make a difference. Ads in local newspapers, national magazines, and even simple fliers can help spread word of mouth and reach an audience who may not be online quite as often as the rest of us.

Remember, print design is more than just having your logo on a few bits of merchandise. Your logo is a part of your overall brand, and it is an important part of being recognized in the market. However, getting your business message, products, and services across to existing and potential customers is the ultimate goal of print advertising. Your online presence and print marketing should work together seamlessly, and Skywide is able to give you a more cohesive branding message. We provide the following services:

  • Logo design
  • Business cards
  • Business signage
  • Brochures and catalogs
  • Print advertising

Branding and Business Identity

What do you think it means to really “build your brand”? This could mean creating an effective social media marketing campaign or making your business recognizable in the community you work and live in. An effective branding identity can really take your products and services and bring them into the public eye in a way that convinces customers that they need what you are selling.

Branding or rebranding your company involves creating a business plan, identifying your target audience, considering what this audience already has and likes, building your image (including your logo), and tailoring your message to the audience you are seeking to attract.

Having a brand development team can help keep your business continue to make your brand an essential part of your customers’ lives. This can all seem overwhelming at first, but Skywide is here to help. We are able to develop a relatable company brand that your audience will love.

Videography and Photography

People like to watch videos and look at pictures online. Compelling graphics and other visuals can actually attract more individuals to your e-commerce site.

  • Videography: This includes short marketing videos, cartoons or creation animation, static videos with scrolling images, and actual film with actors. This type of unique content can drive interest in your e-commerce business. Short videos are great for advertising and can help showcase aspects of your company for a variety of platforms. More than that, when people like your videos, they can share them on social media. This greatly increases the scope of your original marketing effort.
  • Photography: Pictures can help showcase the products and services you offer as a part of your e-commerce business. Blurry or dark photos on your website can make a consumer lose interest in your product. This results in a decrease of sales. High-quality photos allow customers to compare and contrast your product with that of your competition.
  • Graphics: This includes images that you may want to share on your social media channels. For example, infographics share information that is valuable to your readers and presents it in an easy-to-see format. Graphics are also an essential part of any marketing, both print and online, that you may do.

Choose Skywide design and more

Choosing a professional design service for your e-commerce business does not have to be a struggle. With Skywide, you will be sure to have the customization you are looking for. From the original creation of your website to brand design, graphic design, printing, and much more, Skywide has what you need to reach the top of your industry. We design innovative solutions for your e-commerce business, specializing in the many ways we can help you reach your customers online.

At Skywide, we are prepared to meet the challenges of your unique business head on. Using traditional marketing methods as well as utilizing new technologies has kept us at the top of our game, helping other e-commerce companies thrive. This is why we provide more than just design. Skywide is your go-to design team for all your e-commerce business needs. Let us help you run your website, create effective print marketing products, and grow your brand identity all without breaking the bank. Staying competitive in a world filled with e-commerce businesses is a challenge, but Skywide can set you above the rest of the competition with customized design options from the ground up.

Talk to one of our representatives for more information about our other services. This includes site maintenance, search engine optimization, copywriting, public relations, and social media management. All of these factors play a critical role in the design of your site. Skywide works on your e-commerce business from the ground up. Not only do we design your site, we make sure that it is growing with you.

You will see how our experienced developers, software designers, and web gurus will boost your e-commerce business and keep it running smoothly.