Who We Are

We are a team of experienced developers and professionals who believe in the tried-and-true and never shy away from the new. In our experience as a multinational web development and online marketing enterprise, our success in service and growth has flourished through our ability to see ahead of the horizon. We are dedicated to addressing every weakness and need to overcome all challenges that may come tomorrow. In every project we strive to achieve three goals: Presence, Platform, and Credibility.

Our Mission

At Skywide our mission is to find ways to monetize your online presence. We seek to find ways to make Internet Marketing an aid to all your endeavors, regardless of the size, scope, and industry. Skywide is willing and able to handle every step of the branding process to ensure we make the connection with your audience from the first impression throughout the overall site structure. We then develop the site infrastructure to maintain long-term functionality through the development of all technical frameworks to ensure accessibility to your audience, both new and existing.

What Sets Skywide Apart?

We are more than marketers and businessmen. We are design gurus, website and app developers, writers, publicists, search engine curators, social media engineers and all-around experts of the World Wide Web, working around the clock for our global clientele. By bridging the elements of traditional marketing, web design, brand management, and programming, our team integrates these elements, among others, to provide the ultimate solutions for your business.

Operating through a philosophy that embraces new challenges, Skywide remains at the forefront of all emerging trends through an award-winning team of experts. With a commitment to excellence in marketing effectiveness, SEO Brand specializes in creating custom solutions for unparalleled results.

What sets us apart in this industry is our longevity, attributed to a long history of putting passion into practice. Having devised custom solutions for all industries and audiences is what makes us stand out as one of the most robust interactive agencies in the industry.

Our team is energetic, passionate and confident about our abilities. Your online business is an investment and one that deserves the best. So why not use the best Internet marketing has to offer?

Who We Are, What We Know

Having a deep understanding of your brand and service is paramount to translating your site into sales. We don’t just want your name clicked on Google. We want the shopping cart to click. We want every inch, banner, and reflection of your reputation to see the light. For over a decade we’ve specialized in bringing your goals above the fold, and over the horizon of not just the search experience, but the whole experience.

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Michael Abitbol

Chief IT Executive Manager

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Operations Manager

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What We Tell Our Clients. Our Promise to You.

“When it comes to directing traffic, there is a science that combines artistry, sales and marketing, and e-commerce marketing to create the perfect storm: leaving a trail of conversions and various forms of contact information in its wake. This is what online marketing does: the extra mile.”

Patrick Kebreau, Vice President Finance and Operations at Frantzou Immobiliers
(Residence le Sommet de Port Salut)